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Holiday in Tuscany

Historical town Tuscany
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Holiday in Liguria
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Historical town

Historical town Tuscany

Every year millions of tourists coming from all the world visit the cities of art in Tuscany, a destination among the most prestigious.
The most visited city is obviously Florence, true capital of the Italian art, where inestimable masterpieces are kept and where you can feel the pride of these people of being the native land of the Italian language. In Florence, geniuses of the painting and the architecture, as Piero of the Francesca, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, worked and left works that marked the history of art and culture.
Thanks to them Italy and Tuscany are recognized cultural centers studied all over the world.

After Florence, Pisa is the most celebrated city of the region: in its central Piazza dei Miracoli there is one of the most famous Italian monuments: the hanging Tower.

Siena is another city in Tuscany, famous above all for the Palio, an ancient horse race in which the contrade, that is the quarters, of the city challenge each other. During the Palio, every contrada is represented by an horse and a jockey; Siena in this occasion is shaken by the enthusiasm and agonistic spirit, that inflames the ancient rivalries.

Among the cities of art in Tuscany, we must not forget the smaller towns, as San Gimignano and Cortona, or Volterra and Lucca, true jewels of architecture, characterized from small alleys, delicate views and a continuous feeling to walk within the history.

And then, Livorno (Leghorn), a city planned by the family Medici in the 1500, as an “ideal city”. It keeps evocative tokens of its past, as the historical quarter of the Venezia, the Fortresses, the navigation channels that delimit the city center. In Livorno, harbour with strong cosmopolitan traditions, there are buildings of cult of several religions, open to the tourists.
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